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The New York Times - Visit The World From Your Couch

The New York Times - Visit The World From Your Couch

If you are lucky enough to go, the sensations of Dakar – the smell of grilled fish and spiced coffee, the feeling of an impending downpour, the bone-rattling vibrations from a dozen drums – stay with you long after you leave. And while it is impossible to fully experience this West African city without making the trip, there are ways to capture at least a sliver of its magic. Unsurprisingly, considering the integral role of music in Dakar’s daily rhythms, it is hard to spend any time in Dakar without coming across some of the many dance styles of the region. Check out the Alvin Ailey Extension school, which offers regular online West African dance classes, led by the Senegalese dancer Maquette Camara.

Dance Teacher Magazine - Maguette Camara: How I Teach West African

As Maguette Camara seamlessly shifts between the front of the studio and to play drums that are clustered on the side, it's hard to tell where the musician leaves off and the dancer begins. He's instructing an advanced-beginner level West African class at The Ailey School in New York, and the intricate rhythms are proving challenging to the students - 30 pre-professional men and women.

The New York Times - Sweating To An African Beat

My love of West African dance far exceeds my capabilities as a practitioner. No matter. Fifteen years had passed since my last class, and I was ready for another try. So one recent afternoon I wrapped a piece of African cloth around my waist and entered a packed studio at the Alvin Ailey extension center in Manhattan.

Dance Studio Life - Live Music: Worth The Price?

When Brenda Didier moved her studio, Lincolnshire Academy of Dance, to its new location in Vernon Hills, Illinois, she made sure the new setting could accommodate all the necessary elements: barres, mirrors, dance floors - and space for accompanists to play for the school's classes.

Uptown - Be On Pointe

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater does more than just put on a good show; it offers many classes that are open to the public.

The New York Times - The Ailey Extension

On a dancing scale of 1 to 10, with the low end occupied by the spastic Elaine on “Seinfeld” and the high end by Michael Jackson, I consider myself a solid 6.

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