Masala Bhangra

The New York Times - A Wedding Dance That's Also A Workout

Attending Indian weddings and ending up the night sweaty and tired from hours of bhangra dancing have been regular parts of my weekend repertory since I was a child. The catchy music can entice even the most die-hard wallflower to move.

Uptown - Be On Pointe

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater does more than just put on a good show; it offers many classes that are open to the public.

NBC New York - Hip & Healthy: Masala Bhangra, the Spiciest Workout in Town

I'd walked by the formidable Alvin Ailey Dance Theater so many times before, always catching glimpses of beautiful dancers in tights and leotards, plieing and twirling in unison. But tonight, I was going inside the building myself to take a Masala Bhangra class being taught by the famous Sarina Jain - the Jane Fonda of India.

Time Out New York - Masala Bhangra

Even beginners and walk-ins will appreciate the flavor of this full-blown workout class. Creator Sarina Jain has a new routine for every session and says the dancing style is simple: "Pretend you're at an Indian wedding and get your groove on," she says.