AileyDance for Active Aging

Alvin Ailey believed that "dance is for everybody." Since its founding in 1958, the Ailey organization has honored this commitment to bring dance into the classrooms, communities, and lives of people throughout the world. AileyDance for Active Aging furthers Ailey's original vision by reaching seniors in community centers and in residential homes for independent and assisted living. More than a fitness program, AileyDance for Active Aging serves as an outlet for artistic expression by creating choreography which cultivates the imagination and fosters a sense of joy. These shared artistic experiences build a greater sense of community and social engagement among the participating seniors. 

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Dance Informa - AIleyDance For Active Seniors: Dance From And Back To The People

“Dance came from the people and should always be delivered back to the people,” Alvin Ailey said. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a key part (but not all of) his legacy, works by this ethos. “Dance is for everybody,” asserts Cathryn Williams, director of Arts in Education and Community Programs at Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. Amongst many other programs offering dance across the five boroughs of NYC, her department offers AileyDance for Active Seniors.