Pre Professional Program (Ages 7-17)

The Pre-Professional Program offers a diverse curriculum-based program for students ages 7 to 17 taught by The Ailey School’s experienced and distinguished faculty. Designed to develop well-rounded young dancers, the Program offers a graded curriculum of classical ballet, enriched by several other dance techniques including modern, West African, Spanish, tap and character. Performance opportunities are offered in The Ailey Citigroup Theater and a larger NYC Theater in May.


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Playbill - Fifty Years Of Developing Dreams At The Ailey School

In 1979, a young New York City boy met Alvin Ailey at his public elementary school during a dance workshop; unbeknownst to him it was an audition. Then nine-year-old Troy Powell had no idea who Mr. Ailey was and no formal dance training, although he came from a large African American family where dance was interwoven into their everyday home life. "I was handpicked to join the first children's program at The Ailey School, and the experience made a huge impact and changed my life," says Powell, who continued to climb the ranks through the School's professional division, Ailey II, and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He succeeded Sylvia Waters in 2012 as Ailey II's Artistic Director.

Backstage - Dance Training for Children and Teens

It takes many years of study to acquire a professional level of dance technique, so aspiring dancers must begin training at a very young age. Even those who start performing professionally as youngsters must continue training through their adolescent years.

New York Post - You Go Girls

When you're a young dancer, talent is no guarantee for success: You need to mix it with passion and a lot of hard work.