Irini Res

Irini Res has been in the fitness industry for 30 years.  She has taught at many different schools, shalas, and gyms and has a wide range of experience in many areas of fitness.  She first discovered Ashtanga (Power) yoga 12 years ago.  Ms. Res practiced Mysore Yoga for 4 years at Karma Yoga Center and The Ashtanga Yoga Center.  Ashtanga yoga is a way of life for Ms. Res, and she has been an Ashtanga yoga instructor at Gold’s gym NYC for the past ten years.

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Metro - Strike (The Right) Pose

“This is what we dreamed about back in the day, when people made fun of us and called us pretzels,” Irini Res says about the massive growth in yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga teacher at the Upper West Side's Ailey Extension took up the practice after battling breast cancer in 1996, which took her out of the high-powered career in banking she never stopped to realize wasn’t making her happy.