Yoga is known to build strength and increase coordination and flexibility. We offer multiple styles that are appropriate for students of every level. Instructors provide personal attention, ensuring that each student has a safe and enjoyable yoga practice, leaving relaxed and refreshed. Classes are available for students at every level of experience.


Pilates teaches students how to prevent injury and target pain and muscle-tension by building a strong core, increasing flexibility, and using props such as blocks, balls, and foam rollers to stretch and self-massage. The tools that you learn in these classes will improve your everyday life and add range and balance to your dancing. 

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Ailey Extension Online Offers Cornucopia Of Classes With Respected Teachers Leading Virtual Workshops & Classes For Adults, Teens, Kids, and Toddlers

(New York) September 10, 2020 – Ailey Extension invites people around the globe to fall into dance with a variety of classes, special workshops and a kids & teens series starting in September. Students of diverse ages, backgrounds and levels are welcome to enjoy learning dance moves and enhancing fitness under the instruction of New York City’s top dance professionals with a cornucopia of virtual offerings.

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Metro - Strike (The Right) Pose

“This is what we dreamed about back in the day, when people made fun of us and called us pretzels,” Irini Res says about the massive growth in yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga teacher at the Upper West Side's Ailey Extension took up the practice after battling breast cancer in 1996, which took her out of the high-powered career in banking she never stopped to realize wasn’t making her happy.

Ebony - Unity For Yoga

When hip-hop Russell Simmons impresario Russell Simmons says something is hot, people tend to listen.