Explore the cultural diversity of Brazil through the movement and rhythm of its sexy samba music and dance style. A high energy workout set to the beat of live drums, beginner classes focus on samba from Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, while more advanced sessions explore various Afro-Brazilian styles like Afoxe, Mracatu, Frevo, and Maculele. There is no partnering in this technique.

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Shape - Samba: We Tried It!

My love for dancing through a workout started back in elementary school gym class when we'd get down to "The Twist," something my firneds and I still reminisce about. Lately, that love has only blossomed with Zumba and many nights dedicated to mimicking MJ's moves.

Uptown - Be On Pointe

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater does more than just put on a good show; it offers many classes that are open to the public.