The Joan Weill Center for Dance

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Town & Country - Billionaire Businesswoman Elaine Wynn Makes a Major Donation to Alvin Ailey

Elaine Wynn admits she knew nothing about dance the first time she saw the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. "It made something come alive in a way for me," Wynn recalls. "I saw the extraordinary work of the brilliant Alvin Ailey and I thought, look at this unique, new, American, authentic dance form. I was inspired, and from then on I tried to find the company whenever I could."

The New York Times - Arts, Briefly

The New York Times - Arts, Briefly

The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation is raising the roof: It held a ceremonial "roof-breaking" performance on Tuesday to celebrate the beginning of a $25 million construction project that will add three more stories of studios, classrooms and offices to its Manhattan home.

New York Magazine - The Glass Stampede

As this last great building boom winds down, our architecture critic asks: does the new see-through city look better or worse than the one it replaced? A building-by-builing survey.

Revelations: the Joan Weill Center for Dance

The new home of nationally acclaimed Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, on the corner of West 55th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan's Clinton District, is a modest glass and brick structure designed to reveal the dancing within.

Turning Points

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater held its own version of a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Wednesday to officially inaugurate the opening of its Joan Weill Center for Dance.

On Good, Uneven Ground For Dance

On March 1, the Ailey company is officially opening up its big new building: the Joan Weill Center for Dance. There will be much fanfare and many tributes--as there have been already.

At Home in the World: Ailey Moves On and Up

The actual distance of the move is not far--six blocks south, one and a half blocks east--but as the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation takes up residence in its gleaming new eight-story home, what the move represents is momentous.

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