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Miami Herald - Fifth-Graders Take Cues From Alvin Ailey Dancers

Miami Herald - Fifth-Graders Take Cues From Alvin Ailey Dancers

Dr. Contessa S. Bryant, principal of Lenora B. Smith Elementary, has always believed in the importance of integrating art into the education of her students. Throughout the school year, students are taken to see theater performances and musical presentations, but last week, it was their turn to make the moves and dance.

The Wall Street Journal - Video: So You Think You Can Dance Ailey's 'Revelations'?

The Wall Street Journal - Video: So You Think You Can Dance Ailey's 'Revelations'?

Alvin Ailey's 1960 modern dance masterpiece "Revelations" has been performed in 71 countries, and it reliably brings audiences to their feet, even dancing in the aisles. The combination of modern dance and spirituals creates a sense of uplift so infectious that most people leave the theater either singing the music or trying to dance the steps. Last week, they got a chance to learn those steps for real.

South Bend Tribune - Alvin Ailey Outreach Teaches Dance To Local Students

It's a moving experience when Nasha Thomas-Schmitt brings the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's program to schools. Thomas-Schmitt, a dancer now in charge of the company's outreach program, put students in the South Bend Community School Corporation's arts magnets and others through their paces last week.

The Miami Herald - Alvin Ailey Dance Workshop

Students from Charles Drew Middle School, in Liberty City, participated in a workshop held by Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, WEdnesday, February 13, 2013. The Ailey troupe is building stronger connections to Miami because their artistic director Robert Battle has roots here.

NPR - A Homecoming For Alvin Ailey's Artistic Director

The renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is currently on a national tour, and the company has brought Robert Battle, its new artistic director, back to where he started - a public school in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami.

The Miami Herald - Teens Take Journey Through Dance

As a 14-year-old Miami Northwestern student, Robert Battle piled onto a school bus and headed to the Jackie Gleason Theater, where for the first time, he saw dancers perform live "Revelations," a majestic journey through African-American spirituals and soulful blues.

Dance Magazine - Learning a Legacy

At 1:45 P.M. at Bea Fuller Rogers Middle School in New York City's Washington Heights neighborhood, high-pitched laughter, chatter, and screams reverberate through the hallways. But inside a small dance studio on the second floor, the atmosphere is different. Two dozen seventh-graders stand silently in a wedge formation, an inverted triangle with one student at the point.

The New Yorker - Washington Postcard: East Room Recital

"We could hear you, a little bit, upstairs," Michelle Obama said, one day last month, to the eighty children pulling down their leotard elastics over their small rear ends in the East Room of the White House. When she walked onstage, what looked like eighty children took pictures of her with their cell phones.

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