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Hip-Hop Class at The Ailey Extension
Please Credit Photo: Hip-Hop Classes at The Ailey Extension. Photo by Kyle Froman

Immerse yourself in the culture of hip-hop as you learn to pop, lock, break, with classic moves like Da Mona Lisa and new choreography from the nation's best hip-hop dance crews, past and present. Vivacious and energetic, classes are available for novices through experienced and provide a great mix of cardio and stretching.

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Take a Hip-Hop Dance Class: Pharrell Williams' Happy is playing loud over the stereo and it's impossible not to wiggle a little bit. The studio is filling up with people stretching, bending, adjusting sweatbands, and checking themselves out in the studio's mirror wall.

Dance Teacher - Jonathan Lee: Music For Hip Hop

Dance Teacher - Jonathan Lee: Music For Hip Hop

Hip-hop choreographer and teacher Jonathan Lee has worked with recording artists as well-known as Madonna, Britney Spears and Pitbull, but that doesn't mean he can always connect to their music at first listen. "Sometimes I have to take away the lyrics and listen solely to the instruments," he says.