TweetBoogie - Hip Hop

Aside from appearing on MTV’s "Dances From Tha Hood," TweetBoogie is also featured on the MTV show “Runs House”, as well as a dancer in commercials for Stride gum, Nike and the iPod campaign (alongside Wynton Marsalis). TweetBoogie's dedication and determination has also enabled her to work in Italy with the likes of Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Fergie, LL Cool J, Mya and Angie Martinez, among others. Just recently, TweetBoogie was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as Oprah and Gayle's personal dance instructor. TweetBoogie's passion for dance is endless, and her concern about the image of women in hip-hop fuels her passion to be the best in her field and continuously improve her skills. Not to mention her extensive international experiences traveling abroad to Beijing for the Asian Fitness Education Expo sponsored by Adidas, Portugal for NIKE’s Womens Atheletic Wear Campaign, A commercial which was featured all over Europe. She has also been a part of workshop tours that have visited various countries including, Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan. She also was awarded the honor of performing for U.S troops in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

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