In Memory - In Celebration
Choreographer: Alvin Ailey
Music: Keith Jarrett
In the tumultuous time of 1979 when Mr. Ailey's great, perennial friend from his Lester Horton days, the choreographer Joyce Trisler, died prematurely, he began choreographing Memoria. Later, he wrote "Memoria is about Joyce's life, my memories of her, my image of her.”  The ballet is structured in two parts- "In Memory" and "In Celebration"- to the sublime music of Keith Jarrett. Memoria marked the first time Mr. Ailey combined Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater with Ailey II, and advanced students from The Ailey School. Alvin Ailey’s Memoria is a deeply personal work and one of his most affecting.  Mr. Ailey said that nearly all of his dances had some basis in a relationship, feeling or event that he experienced.

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A dinner-and-dance homage paid tribute to Alvin Ailey, as his company turns 60, at this season's opening gala in New York.

The New York Times - Legacy, Memory, Inspiration, AIDS

The New York Times - Legacy, Memory, Inspiration, AIDS

Bill T. Jones choreographed "D-Man in the Waters" in 1989, when the mortal danger of AIDS was at a high tide. The work celebrates the buoyant spirit of the dancers Demian Acquavella, who had AIDS and died the following year, but swimming in its waters are many others, including Mr. Jones's partner, Arnie Zane, who had died the previous year.