From the Electric Slide to Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, elements of Congolese dance can be seen in a wide variety of contemporary techniques including jazz, salsa, and hip-hop. Slaves that left the Congo brought their dance traditions to Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the USA, and Dominican Republic, to name just a few. Rhythmic and powerful, the dance incorporates fast footwork, body isolation, swaying.. a complete body workout. The intense pelvis healing vibrations earned it the moniker "Womb Dance".

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The Ailey Extension Heats Up This Summer With Performance Workshops and Master Classes

The Ailey Extension heats up this summer with unique master classes and exciting performance workshops which culminate in a concert at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. These summer exclusives complement the program’s regular classes, which total over 80 per week in 25 diverse dance and fitness techniques. So whether you prefer the stage or the studio, there is something for you at the Ailey Extension.

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Dance Teacher Magazine - Maguette Camara: How I Teach West African

As Maguette Camara seamlessly shifts between the front of the studio and to play drums that are clustered on the side, it's hard to tell where the musician leaves off and the dancer begins. He's instructing an advanced-beginner level West African class at The Ailey School in New York, and the intricate rhythms are proving challenging to the students - 30 pre-professional men and women.