Love Songs

Love Songs, a three-part technical and dramatic tour-de-force originally created for the legendary Dudley Williams, is often viewed as the male counterpart to Cry, the famous woman’s solo that Mr. Ailey originally choreographed for his muse, Judith Jamison. Love Songs, last performed by the Company in 2003, offers a message of hope and commitment as it traces the dancer’s journey through love, anguish, and determination to overcome adversity.

The suite opens with Donny Hathaway’s tender “A Song For You,” followed by Nina Simone’s rendition of “A Field of Poppies,” an anti-narcotics song in which the audience witnesses the man’s descent into self-destruction, and closes with Hathaway singing “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” as the dancer travels around the stage bearing an imaginary load with resolve.  

The work gives the male dancer a unique opportunity to display both the power and gentleness of the male dancer while digging deep into all the aspects of his relationships – with himself, his fellow man, his brother.