About Revelations Residency

Created in 1999, Revelations: An Interdisciplinary Approach curriculum utilizes Alvin Ailey's signature work, Revelations, as the inspirational framework for a comprehensive study of language arts, social studies, and dance. This program is designed to promote student learning by engaging their analytic and creative thinking skills, while introducing them to the work and mission of Alvin Ailey.  Students explore and embody the life story of Alvin Ailey and Revelations, while connecting this story to their own life experiences, community, and the broader world around them. Exciting and unexpected discoveries lead the students to make connections with their academic studies, opening their eyes to new ways of learning.  Ailey presents this innovative program through residencies in public schools in New York City and tour cities around the country.
"We never experienced anything like this before. We're learning dance, but we're also learning that we can do anything we put our minds to."
- Tyrannel Van Buren, age 15, Andrew J. Bell Junior High School in New Orleans

"I left each day's lessons with a lump in my throat, believing that almost in spite of everything, some of our children would be forever changed by this experience."
- Sue Buratto, Education Director of Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas.

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